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my amateur play hope u all enjoy

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my amateur play hope u all enjoy Empty my amateur play hope u all enjoy

Post by makavelijustine on Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:01 am

The banger Cast
Old Wizard
Shenron Rick Ross
Pastor Flow
Priest girl
Plan B
Eric from Game room
Clay Aiken

Stewie: Hey Rich wazzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rich: uhhhh it’s you didn't you put me through hell the other day ago?

Stewie: Lmao I didn't do such a thing. Anyway that day was awesome! "Note he actually says Lmao"

Rich: well any way what you want?

Stewie: nutting just saying high.

Dick enters the room

Dick: Hey stew and rich

Stewie and Rich: Hey dick

Dick: So how goes it with you two?

Rich: he been an ass getting me in such a mess the other day ago

Dick: haahahahaahaha

Stewie: hey I didn't at least I didn't lose my job.

Rich: you did

Stewie: oh yea I did

Dick: ahahahahaahaha

Angrew enters room

Angrew: Oh it’s you guys

Stewie: angrew why you always yelling at me

Rich: Cause you got problems.

Stewie: well I’m an equation so yea of course

Angrew: There goes you saying random stuff again

Cryah enters room

Cryah: Heyyy guys

Stewie, Rich and dick: Hey Cryah

Cryah: I just came

Angrew interrupts Cryah

Angrew: cough* no one cares Cryah

Cryah whines

Cryah: oh my gosh why you say that? I’m walking away.

Stewie: ahahahahaahah you guys are always funny

Rich: yea they act like a married couple

Dick: indeed

Britney and rose enters

Rich: hey brit

Britney: hey rich

Dick: hey rose

Rose: hi Dick

Stewie: well the gang here you know what DAT means

Everyone whines angrily at stewie

Stewie: Today I know will be epic.

Rick Ross enters


Dick: rozay what you doing here

Rick Ross: Huhhhh I just bought a HUUHHHHHH Chicken Company.

Angrew: really did you really buy a chicken company?

Rick Ross: yea I eat a wing so good I bought the company.

Dick: fat ass

Cryah: hahahhahahahahaa

Angrew: quiet Cryah

Cryah: why you say that forrrrrrrr ahhhhhwaaaaaaahhhh

Rick Ross: ima boss I’m outta here hUHHHHHHH

Steiwie: peace yoo

Rich: look it’s the priest and the samurai again

Stewie: your right wait

Stewie and rich: there having sex

Angrew: omg you should mind your business stewie

Stewie: nooooo that samurai gave me problems the other day ago and a cow and____

Angrew: do you think anyone would believe your story?

Rich: as much as I like to agree with you it’s true I was there sadly.

Cryah: wow that's crazy

Rose: is that a cow?

Britney: yea it is!

Stewie: run him over so I can take his girl!

Dick: that's mean man

Cow runs them over

Angrew: Oh my gosh that didn't just happen

Stewie: wait what was that about what I was lying about

Angrew: I don't care I’m not going to believe you

Rose: hey look closely at the cow

Plan b appears out of cow

Cryah: hey its plan b

Rich: it is! How they all fit inside a cow?

Stewie: who cares hey guys how was your show?

Johnny walks up to stewie and starts to strangle him

Johnny: ok wheres my money

Stewie :ok ok ok here

Johnny: haaaaa

Brandon: hey we were on stage but then we ended up here

MOR: yea how do we get from a stage to outdoors?

Andrew: I don't know may be we just did?

Brandan: well stew can you help us

Stewie: sureee "Flying nimbissss" A flying cloud comes and stops next to stewie

Stewie: here you go. you guys be back in no time

Plan b: thanks peace

Britney and rose: think we will leave too

Britney and rose leave as well They leave for whatever they were doing before

Cryah: wow that was strange a cow and people and___

Angrew: no one cares Cryah

Cryah: whyyyyyyyyy

Eric and lipa enters rooms

Eric: yooooooooo

Lipa: heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Stewie: wazzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa guys

Rich: hey how’s your album going?

Cryah: yea how is it?

Eric: great it’s just awesome

Lipa: yea just sold a million copy's

Stewie: wish I could see that much "stewie seems to feel no swag at the moment"

Lipa: hey you got to just do you thing

Eric: yea Stewie Chronicles 3 will. l definitely sell lot too

Stewie: wow thax guys spoken like true pros

Stewie and Eric: haaaaa

Lipa: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bye

Lipa leaves

Eric: I got to go peace

Eric leaves

Stewie: wow I need to finish my Chronicles

Rich: isn't that your album you been working on the same one you been working on for 4 years?

Stewie: ummmmmmmmmmm yea?

Rich: wow you need to drop a track soon

Dick: hey he got to make sure it’s perfect

Cryah: it got to be perfect

Angrew: omg 4 years that's too long

Stewie: hey I got to make sure when I drop it its hot yo

Pastor Flow enters

Stewie: ohhhhh shit

Pastor flow hits stewie

Stewie: ahhhhh men

Pastor flow leaves

Clay Aiken enters

Clay Aiken: awkward

Cryah: really

Angrew: why meee why mee

Stewie: hey clay can I ask a question

Clay Aiken: sure

Stewie: why do you want to be invisible?

Clay Aiken: self-explanatory question

Stewie: ok well I wish I can turn invisible

Rich: me too

Dick: me 3

Cryah: why would you want to be invisible

Angrew: it’s better if we left that unanswered

Clay Aiken leaves singing invisible

Stewie: well that's crazy yoo

Rich: yea

Cryah: who’s that girl crying?

A girl with crystal eyes appears

Stewie: what’s wrong?

Rich: yea why are you crying?

Crystals crying still

Cryah: let a girl take care of this

Angrew: please

Cryah: why you so meannnn

Crystals starts to speak

Crystal: I'm in so much pain its unbearable

Rich: what how are you in so much pain

Dick: dang what is it that's happening?

Crystal: I'm been suffering from Virgdoingnot

Rich: oh shit

Stewie and Cryah: whats that?

Dick: it’s a disease that virgins have. When you never feel real pleasure your body takes a huge toll and it may lead to

Angrew: please that’s complete bull____

Everyone shhhsssss angrew to hear crystal talk

Crystal: I have been living in a basement all my life never saw the light, never had any friends, nothing. My dad didn't want the outside world to affect me and make me a bad person so he lock me away. Everyday I wondered how the outside world would be. Wondering what animals where cars airplanes boats just kept wondering how the world would be. Every day I wondered how the world would be waiting for some a prince charming and hero and superwomen someone to show me the light. I used to masturbate in my room sometimes slowly sometimes really fast to try and feel pleasure. But it never work. One day my parents walk in on me masturbating and my dad was angry and keep attacking my mom tried holding back but then it all became blank. I just keep wondering why and what was this empty hole. What can I put in it to fill it up (stewie says that's what she said in his head). What was that I needing to feel happy pleasure. Everything was so hard. The air was so thick. Just I need to feel real pleasure.

Dick: maybe if you have sex you can

Rich: really

Dick: yea it makes you feel a lot of pleasure

Crystal: you think it can work and heal Virgdoingnot

Rich: yea of course you just need a partner and you’re good to go

Crystal: where can I find a partner?

Dick: well______

Stewie: I call super dibs

Cryah: whaaaaaa

Angrew: super dibs really? you can’t do that

Crystal: ok anything to help me

Stewie: ok but do you think just regular sex can heal Virgdoingnot

Dick: no you have to a super sex so you can turn Virgdoingnot to reverse Virgdoingnot

Cryah: that’s seems inhuman

Dick: there's only one way of healing this case but it’s dangerous

Rich: wait what method they use to heal this case?

Dick: basically they have to have people transfer there Ching to one human male or women depending on who is leading and then after the leader gets super sexual powers and can do impossible things like make there partner have rapid orgasms and cum repeatedly.

Cryah: really that sounds amazing

Rich: it sounds too good to be true

Dick: no it’s far from it the people using this method will feel pleasure like no one has ever felt but at a cost. The leader will get inhuman powers but because there using unorthodox methods their genitals will fall off

Stewie: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t want to do it anymore

Rich: you call dibs you in it to win it bro

Stewie: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Dick: also the partner who doesn't have the enhancement will surely feel the most pleasure of their life but they will surely die.


Angrew: no that just sounds stupid this whole story just sounds retarded this horny girl just got problems and your dumb Ching thing is ridiculous

Dick: its real do your research

Cryah: haaaaa

Angrew: cryyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Cryah: whyyyyyyyy

Crystals continues to cry

Rich: so stew what you’re going to do

Stewie: wow. Crystal you’re a strong and courageous women. I never knew someone to go through such pain and be as awesome as you. You know when you hit your lowest point in life you open to the greatest changes. But I can't help you alone. You going to need to want it! Also the one thing that will make us victorious in this moment of despair is friendship. With friendship anything is possible we can change the world. We can make all your dreams comes through also we can cover all the weakness we each have. So guys will you help me gain the power to bang crystal.

Everyone but angrew yells

Everyone: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Everyone but angrew transfer there Ching to stewie

Everyone: lalalalalalalalaalalalalalallalalalallalaalalallaal

Stewie becomes a super sex hero and becomes a giant

Music starts

Stewie: alright crystal you ready

Crystal: I thought you never ask

I heard you never got laid
But there's no need to be ashamed
Why not take a trip to my place
And we can go all the way

I know you were feeling a little hopeless
But evict those bad feelings without notice
Today is going to be your day
So let’s go all the way

Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Until we penetrate

You can let out all that emotion
Then put your body in motion
This is something we can do without pay
So let’s go all the way

I can say this is going to be awesome
But hey don't forget to use a condom
I feel like something's is being taking away
And we can go all the way

I'm starting to feel a lust
You know we put the us in thrust
By the end of this I'm going to shout hooray
So let’s go all the way

Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Intel we penetrate

I like your enthusiasm
Ohhhhhhh shit I just orgasm
The best part is under way
So let’s go all the way

Everyone moans in harmony

Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Intel we penetrate


Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way Intel we penetrate

Penetrate Penetraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Crystals moans and floats away

Stewies *(*(& falls off

Stewie: noooooooooooooooooooooo

Cryah: put that away yuck

Rich: yea really

Stewie: you such a dick

Dick: yea

Stewie: not you

Rich: I guess that’s what they call dead meat

Angrew: very funny

A wizard appears with shenron the dragon from dragon ball z

Stewie: who are they?

Angrew: what are you guys doing here?

Wizard: I came to look for a lost soul

Cryah: who

Wizard: the person I’m looking for is crystal moana

Angrew: is that the girl that was just here

Stewie: shenron I wish for my %*&*& back nowwww

Shenron: your wish is granted

Shenron disappears and the dragon balls fly away

Stewie: yea I’m back in business

Wizard: the women you just saw wasn't of this place anymore

Stewie: what you mean?

Dick: she means she been dead

Stewie: ohhh

Cryah: oh so that means

Rich: stewie you got issues

Angrew: really

Wizard: I came to get her and help her find peace

Cryah: awwwww that’s sweet

Angrew: no one’s talking to you

Cryah: whyyyyyyyyyy

Wizard: well I see you guys already beat me to it

Dick: yea I hope she happy

Rich: me too

Cryah: that means stewie had sex with a ghost

Rich: yea your right

Dick: wow

Angrew: I’m leaving

Angrew leaves

Rich: you had sex with a ghost man

Stewie: I see I guess our sex was out of this world

Everyone stares at stewie and play ends


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