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Nova Gauner's Past WIP

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Nova Gauner's Past  WIP Empty Nova Gauner's Past WIP

Post by xXNovaXxFate on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:35 am

Before Nova was on the road traveling all the time, he was a clueless 4 year old just full of joy, he was always with his mother and some kind people he used to be with. Until one day, the worst had happened to him, he lost everything his family, friends, and his home. A bunch of demons raided the city and destroyed everything, killing everybody, his father and soon to be master, grabbed him and ran away with Nova on his shoulder. Helpless and crying, hoping it was all just a nightmare, he fainted while he saw his home being burned to the ground.

Waking up after fainting, he was in the middle of the woods near his hometown, tears flowing down his face still praying it wasn't real. Looking around he noticed his dad was no where around him, frantic and scared he starts searching for his dad, calling out to him, until he finds him fighting a couple demons that were after them. Staying back and watching his dad slay the 3 stray demons, Nova was completely infatuated with his sword skills, after they were dead, Nova came out from behind the bushes and trees. Looking at his injured dad and walking up to him, tears still running down his face, his dad walks toward him and picks up little Nova, hugs him and starts constantly saying sorry. Not knowing why little Nova starts hugging his dad, not saying anything, while slowly being taken back to where he was when he woke up.

It was a little camp, but they weren't there for long, they constantly traveled to different places. This was his new life, always on the move, no contact from anyone. A year has passed since they started there travel and one day little Nova was playing with his dad's sword, although it was his size and not that big, he could barely manage to hold it up, trying to copy the moves his dad did, he couldn't handle it at all. Nova's dad Leon walked up from his hunting trip, to the sight of Nova playing with his sword, enraged, he dropped the deer and scream his name, causing Nova to flinch throwing the sword and slightly slicing his arm. Pumped with adrenaline for being startled, he didn't even noticed he just cut himself and started saying sorry right away. "I'm sorry dad, i just thought it was cool, the way you handled your sword" Looking down while talking to him, his dad rushes toward him. "Are you alright son, you idiot, don't touch my stuff without asking, its dangerous" Noticing Nova's arm, he grabs him and take him to the lake and starts washing his arm. "This is why you shouldn't play with weapons" Leon said looking at little Nova.

Not saying a word Nova lets his dad clean up his wound, then when applying the medicine, he bites his lip, the medicine stings but he was trying to be a big boy for his dad. A couple days past since the accident, and returning from the river where he took a bath in the morning, in the middle of there small camp was a wooden bokken and a note telling him to come to the waterfall. Doing what the note says little Nova grabs the wooden sword and walks to the end of the river where the waterfall resides, noticing his dad sitting with a larger bokken on a rock.

"You want to learn how to handle a sword my son?" Leon said with a serious face, looking up at his father replies. "Yes i want to be as strong as you dad" Leon then stood from the rock he was sitting on. "Alright"

Nova trained for years after those words were spoken, always ended up with bruises and small cuts, but never backing down. He always told his father to go again and again. Little Nova is now 8, they trained everywhere they went, always trying to catch Nova off guard attacking him at anytime, always saying the same thing. "You need to be more alert my son, if this were real, you'd be dead by now" Leon always said after landing a fatal attack onto Nova.

After mastering sword skills and how to handle a blade, he needed to harden and train more physically, not to get bigger but for more resistance. Nova always did small workouts here and there, but never has he been trained for resisting the elements, one day him and his dad traveled to this snowy plain. It was incredibly cold but to his father it seemed like it was nothing, only wearing a jacket a regular t-shirt and cargo pants, Nova was freezing but trying to make it seem like he wasn't. They set up a small camp to start eating, and when his father showed him how to make fire, and lit the wood, Nova pulled himself close to the fire, trying to wrap himself in the warmth.

After eating and having there rest, Leon stood up and told Nova to follow him, listening to his father, they walked out a little far from there camp. Leon starts taking off layers of clothes until he was down to his shorts and told Nova to do the same thing, Nova thought he was crazy and told him he wouldn't do such a thing. His father told him this was part of training and he wouldn't teach him anything else unless he complied, after hearing that he did what he was told, he was instructed on to only focus on his chi (similar/equal to will power) Focusing on only trying to gain some type of warmth back, Nova started slowly breathing in and out, focusing on the core of his body.

It wasn't the first time his dad told him to focus on chi breathing and how to control it, but never has Nova succeeded. Getting really cold, Nova couldn't handle it at this level, disappointed, his father calls it off and told him unless he can get used to the cold using his own strength, there wasn't gonna be anymore training. His fathers words echoing throughout his thoughts, every night while he was suppose to sleep he would go out and continue trying to control his chi.  One of those nights during his training, he was getting the hang of controlling the temperature of his body, he sat there for about 2 hours with only his shorts on. After he was finished and was really happy he thought he mastered it, running back to the camp to tell his dad, but to only notice his dad was laying back against a tree watching over him.

"I'm proud of you my son, but your only at the beginning" He said, while splashing Nova with a container full of water.  Almost instantly falling to the ground by the shock, shaking and now freezing, Leon walks away only saying. "Remember what you were just doing and make it back to the camp" As he was walking away, gripping the snow while trying to stand up, teeth rattling, Nova tries to bring up his temperature like before but couldn't the shock was still getting to him barely allowing him to move without the cold draining his energy, entirely soaked, Nova breaths in and starts walking. Upon making it to the camp dropping right in front of the fire for warmth. Looking at his father, only for his father to say. "Remember that feeling we're going swimming tomorrow in the morning" Nova wasn't upset with his dad, he does these things to make him learn, but never has he enjoyed the training methods his father used.

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