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Post by hingle123 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:12 pm

first it was just one......then another.....soon the whole town was being killed by hingle. School children were telling each other about "the dark one". People saw hingle on the streets but did not dare make eye contact with him... they knew what would happen if they did.the town council got together and decided to make hingle leave and to never return.however he didnt stop there.After setting up his home in the tar 'el island he went to the town every night at 10pm and killed another human.soon after, the town went into high security and hingle thought that the fun was gone in killing the humans,so he joined a cult called ryner's diciples. A group made completely from humans.....

After joining ryner's diciples,hingle infiltrated their ranks to become their leader. They went on many quests together,killed many a foe and conquered lots of land.The second-in-charge ,Orion,asked hingle"what should our next quest be?" and after hingle turned and stared at Orion with his cold , dead eyes and said nothing.

Orion went to see why Hingle wouldn't respond and grabbed him on the shoulder.suddenly,hingle turned at stabbed Orion throught the chest ,piercing his heart.The other disciples came to fight Hingle but none stood any chance.They were each slaughtered in the most gruesome ways possible. As Hingle left the main hall he brought his trail of murder and trickery with him....


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