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Kosovo Misogi

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Kosovo Misogi

Post by Kosovo War Misogi on Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:28 pm

   Name: Kosovo "War" Misogi
   Age: 143
   Origin/Home: Angel homeland
   Gender: Male
   Deity: Wrath
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Angel
   Background/History:  Raised in a well-developed forest, Kosovo did not have the luxuries that others had in this time, though it did not hinder him one bit in his parents' teachings. Their family was cast out from there kind, due to the inheritance of a dark aura. This aura was corrupted and evil, yet not fully enveloped yet allowing for their lives to be spared. As they lived they developed this 'new power' and their hatred and anger grew. They cared no longer for their once ancestry, and grew together as a family.
Years later, they separated to  find their own paths. Kosovo going to find more power than he had already possessed. He tended to keep his true nature hidden, using his outward appearance as a ruse to full unbecoming souls and to gain wealth. He steadily trained from nothing learning from mages and swordsman alike. He traveled and traveled for years to find the people he needed and learned.
Come to the present and he now follows the Deity of Wrath, as his higher guide. He wanders taking jobs where he cans and teaching of the Almighty Flame that will one day scorch the world into his liking.  
   Personality: Kosovo is man of personal gain and well-fare. He tends to look out for himself more so than anyone else, though being one who does not know other personal. He tends to stay to himself, only truly reaching out when he sees it fit to aid him in his cause. While just walking around he seems to have a calming nature to himself and breaths a false sense of 'friendliness'. Though never turning down a fight, he tends not to start them and when he does fight he tends to unleash his true feelings bring flame and damnation upon his opponent.
   Likes: Fighting, Power, Demons
   Dislikes: Angels, Overly-kind people.
   Mate/spouse/lover: none
Kosovo War Misogi

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Re: Kosovo Misogi

Post by Annabelle on Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:33 am

Approved! Love your character's picture btw ♥

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