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Kurei's Powers

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Kurei's Powers

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:07 am

Name: Fire Balls
Level: 1
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Kurei shoots 20 fireballs the size of marbles at a opponent moving at high intense chasing speed from his left hand, attempting to set them on fire instead of dealing direct damage. If set ablaze on something flammable or person allows themselves to receive direct damage from the fire. Fire lasts 3 posts if you're set on fire. 30ft range.
Weaknesses: Weak against water attacks, people can roll over to put out the fire quicker.
Duration: initial post (1 post of shooting) 
Cool-down: 5

Name: Dragon claws
Level: 1
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Kurei grows a blade of solid flames from his forearm(s) and over his hands or shins to his feet to cut an opponent with fire. The blades are really hot and can set things on fire. Choosing either arms or wither legs, can do 2 at a time. But not all 4 limbs at once.
Weaknesses: These attacks cut and burn, hurting more than a regular blade but at the same time cauterize the wound which would not allow a person to bleed out.
Duration: 4
Cool-down: 10 after duration ends.

Name: Fire Ball
Level: 1
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Accumulation of fire gathered in his left hand and right hand, shot together to form a giant fireball which would cover a entire person upon impact and setting them on fire as well. 30ft range.
Weaknesses: Water Type of attacks prove its equivalent and can put out the fire. Takes up the entirety of post to cast. Requires 1 post to charge, and 1 post to shoot it. Can't break concentration, if interrupted it still goes on Cool-down.
Duration: Initial post
Cool-down: 5

Name: Flame Illusion
Level: 1
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Kurei creates a copy of himself made of flames, the moment that the clone is hit, it explodes dealing damage towards everything around it except Kurei himself. Blast radius of 5ft. 
Weaknesses: Any singular, direct, attack can set off the flame illusion. The flame clone does not have a scent, although it may look like it's giving off some odor by visible sweat etc.
Duration: 5
Cool-down: 7 - starting after the clone expires

Name: Surge of Strength
Level: 1
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Kurei's eyepatch burns through and he's fueled with blue flames as opposed to his others. It fills him with a burning sensation that increases his Strength/Speed/Agility by 2. Using any powers while this is active increases the damage but lowers "Surge of Strength" lessens the duration by 1. All powers turn into blue flames in this mode.
Weaknesses: Kurei is left vulnerable after using this power as it uses up all the fire he could muster into a desperate last attempt. Can burn out duration.
Duration: 5
Cool-down: One-time topic.

Level Two powers:
Name: Combust
Level: 2
Power Type: Fire
Effect: Shoots forth a combustion shot, which shall explode the first thing it comes in contact with. The power comes from the tip of his sword or his hands. Blast Radius is 10ft and it travels at a high-speed rate.
Weaknesses: Can be stopped by any sort of things in the way , like a frickin pebble.
Duration: 1 post
Cool-down: 4

Name: Dispel Bound
Level: 2 
Power Type: Light
Effect: Kurei create a magical barrier around himself right over the layer of his skin, it gives Kurei a Shiney looking glow. The barrier protects Kurei from the Next 3 magical attacks for the duration. As long as this is activated, spells that preform status effects to dampen Kurei's spells do not effect him. (Basically can't be debuffed by magic with this active). Magic/Spell Effects already active on him, will not vanish or stop.
Weaknesses: Weakness to having this active is that he can't cast magic while it's active ! Doing so will only harm himself and explode in his face! 
Duration: 5
Cool-down: 7


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Re: Kurei's Powers

Post by Annabelle on Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:39 am


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