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Specially Named Monsters

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Specially Named Monsters

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:46 pm

Name: Poper
Level: 3
Normal Type

Equipment: Two short swords
"Grew up in a small town, he knew nothing other than being a delinquent as a child. Poper stole from every city he could find food in. He sometimes broke into bars and would get really drunk and then just dine/dash."
Powers: N/a

Name: Neathe, the Harbinger
Level: 3
Shadow Type
Equipment: Dark dress, with leather 2 leather belts on her sides, carrying wands.
The wands cast Dark and Light Magic.
"Obssessed with the loss of her loved one, Neathe began to study the darker sides of magic. Bringing him back from the dead. Once she felt her powers grow, so too did the corruption inside of her.The city council burned her loved ones body and exiled her and her practices from the city. Outcasted by Kiru city for her witchcraft, she swore vengeance against the council." 
Powers: Shadow Bolt: Shoots forth a shadow ball of damage, making her enemies more vulnerable, and succumb to the darkness. When Target is hit by Shadow Bolt, they're more vulnerable to Light Based Attacks. (2x damge bonus if hit by Light Bolt after) - No Cooldown.
Light Bolt: Shoots forth a Light energy ball of damage, making her enemies susceptible to Shadow magic. (2x damge bonus if hit by Shadow Bolt after) - No Cooldown.
Legion of the Dead: Neathe brings forth 9 Skeleton Milita's from the ground, they may grab someones feet if they're within 20ft of Neathe during this activation. - Once per Topic Cooldown
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