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Nova Gauner

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Nova Gauner Empty Nova Gauner

Post by xXNovaXxFate on Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:42 pm

Nova Gauner Char-k11
   Name: Nova Gauner
   Age: 21
   Origin/Home: Shinjuku City
   Gender: Male
   Deity: Deity of Shadows, Twisted Lies
   Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual~Straight
   Race: Demon
   Background/History:Nova is a well built male from his constant training. He has a light tan cause he doesn't like to be in the open very much, at the height of 5'11. He only has one tattoo on his wrist that stands for Determination and Willpower from his Father when he finished his training at the age of 11. Usually light blue eyes that seem to be just endless and with such seriousness. His entire life all he knows is about his training, to use his body to do what he feels like is right. But at the age of 13 found out he had found out he was a demon, his entire life training believing he was a human was all a lie, even knowing his true nature never affected him. He would never become like his kind or let them affect him, he train even harder to control any demon powers he had inside him to use them to strengthen his physical body to a farther extent  

Nova has received a lot of scars from his constant training with his father and his encounters with some people, which he tries to hide from others. The only scars he cant hide are the ones he has on his face, on his left eye from above the eyebrow to the lower part of his eye which he got when he encountered another rouge when he was 14 which his Father wouldn't intervene and he learn a valuable lesson about his weaknesses. And then the one on his chin he got from his Father. Despite his appearance Nova is a calm serious person. He is always on guard and quick to act but he has a kind heart, he doesn't trust anyone since he's only really known his Father and anyone else he meets ends up trying to attack him, but despite that he's not hostile, although he wont try to converse with people, he likes to be alone or with any animal he's meets, his energy somehow attracts birds toward him when he likes to rest in trees, his favorite type of animal is of course the wolfs, he loves how beautiful they look and are always together in a pack, he'll try to go up to wolfs to only get bit but will try to show he means no harm. although in that encounter is why he has bite marks all over his arms. The last thing he cares about is getting himself hurt if it means no harm to another if not needed.[/b]
 Personality: Honorable, Battle born, caring, loyal and hardheaded.
   Likes: Animals and nature
   Dislikes: Anyone who steals hurt others or causes any problems
   Mate/spouse/lover: N/A

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Nova Gauner Empty Re: Nova Gauner

Post by Annabelle on Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:46 pm


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