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Kurei, keeper of souls

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Kurei, keeper of souls Empty Kurei, keeper of souls

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:57 pm

Kurei, keeper of souls Kouga10
   Name: Kurei Natsumori
   Age: 24
   Origin: Kiru City
   Gender: Male
   Deity:  Kodru, the Immolating Tyrant (Deity of Chaos)
   Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual ~ Straight
   Race: Human
   Background/History: Kurei is, and has always been, a warrior. He treats his entire lifestyle as if it were a battlefield, choosing caution forever more. With his proud family, he took their aspects and desires of Honor, Pious, and Courage. Kurei has always been respectful towards the spirits and upholds his own little tradition of burying corpses, friend or foe, so they may have a peaceful journey into the afterlife. Other than holding a sword in his arms, he often carried his prayers in that of a song in hopes to strengthen his deities so that they may bestow upon him the fury that they hold, to earn their love and respect so that he may too, join them. In his household Kurei, was trained since the moment he could hold a blade. At a young age he was cast out of the family to earn the families Guardian instincts. En-Circle, a deep meditation opening his eyes in a wider perspective than normal. It was a family talent, to see everything at every angle clearly and vividly. Upon returning he learned to tame his strengths and calmed down to learn patience. Soon after mastering it, he was able to master any weapon, given the proper time.

Kurei knows little else other than battle, while into the fray, he has something to flip the switch inside himself. His killer instincts showing little to no remorse against an enemy of the up most strength. He revels in the fact of beings stronger than himself and relishes the challenge to test his metal against anyone who would challenge him. Humble in defeat and victory towards any challenger. His other side in battle may be calm, cool, collective of his surroundings and completely aware of the Aether realm, and one with the spirits of antiquity. In prior battles against other households, in duels, and jousting Kurei sought out to learn them all. To become a complete Guardian he trained every aspect of battle and quickly rose up the ranks and gained his fathers' favor. His attitude towards fighting is absolute, his ferocity and poise have gone un-matched against the blade. Until he came across magical foes. .deeply fascinated by this foreign art he battled mages from all over the world, studying their art, and eventually learning some of his own. Soon he realized that this was the art of the gods, Magic; powers that he too would use to rise above the competition and earn their favor.

Currently, in his time here at the Realm of Zero, he's met someone that changed his perspective on battles. Not only on the field of battle but also in his relations with people. Starting with his fondness of Annabelle Hart, he wishes to earn her heart and protect her with all he has to offer.
   Personality: Honorable, Pious and battle born.
   Likes: Fighting, learning, victory, losing to a worthy adversary and Mini-white powdered donuts.
   Dislikes: Losing unfairly. Making excuses. Lies, and deceit.
   Mate/spouse/lover: Annabelle Hart 

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Kurei Natsumori
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Kurei, keeper of souls Empty Re: Kurei, keeper of souls

Post by Annabelle on Sun May 31, 2015 2:28 am


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